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How much breast milk should a 1 month old eat?

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Having a baby is a feeling that could not be compared with any other thing in the world; it is really beautiful for both the parents and especially to the mother. But after the birth a lot of responsibilities arise for proper nourishment and healthy upbringing of the baby. The most precious thing that takes place while raising a baby is breast feeding. A sort of bond is created between mother and child while breast feeding and this bond could not be matched by any other thing as well as mother’s milk gives the best nutrition to a new born.

breast milk should a 1 month old eat

Breast milk is the key for sound health of infant

It is correctly said that mother’s milk is all required for the diet of a new born. Nutrients found in breast milk are best with respect to vitamins, minerals, and calories as all of these are found in a very balanced proportion in it. Along with a healthy diet mom’s milk also provide antibodies to the new born. Several benefits of breast feeding received by babies are-

  • First milk of mother that is quite thick and yellow is a wholesome food for the child at his or her initial months. This milk is called colostrums which are full of antibodies as well as other nutrients for providing immunity to the baby’s body.
  • It is suggested to feed the baby with mother’s milk only especially in the age of first six months and it also helps in protecting baby from numerous diseases. Diseases like meningitis, pneumonia and asthma are also reduced if the baby is fed with natural breast milk.
  • The best thing about breast milk is that it changes according to the requirement of the baby in the best suited way.
  • Babies digest mother’s milk quite easily in comparison with formula milk as it includes some enzymes that prove to be helpful in digestion.
  • According to several studies, breast feeding is helpful in the cognitive development of baby. If babies are provided with their mother’s milk their brain develops fast and this makes them smart.

Therefore, it could be said that mother’s milk is the most precious gift received by a baby.

The milk of a mother could never be matched with the formula milk; it is completely pure and is best for the baby. The formula milk could be quite harmful as the chance of ear infection also increases if an infant is fed with it.