How much breast milk should a 1 month old eat?

Having a baby is a feeling that could not be compared with any other thing in the world; it is really beautiful for both the parents and especially to the mother. But after the birth a lot of responsibilities arise for proper nourishment and healthy upbringing of the baby. The most precious thing that takes place while raising a baby is breast feeding. A sort of bond is created between mother and child while breast feeding and this bond could not be matched by any other thing as well as mother’s milk gives the best nutrition to a new born.

breast milk should a 1 month old eat

Breast milk is the key for sound health of infant

It is correctly said that mother’s milk is all required for the diet of a new born. Nutrients found in breast milk are best with respect to vitamins, minerals, and calories as all of these are found in a very balanced proportion in it. Along with a healthy diet mom’s milk also provide antibodies to the new born. Several benefits of breast feeding received by babies are-

  • First milk of mother that is quite thick and yellow is a wholesome food for the child at his or her initial months. This milk is called colostrums which are full of antibodies as well as other nutrients for providing immunity to the baby’s body.
  • It is suggested to feed the baby with mother’s milk only especially in the age of first six months and it also helps in protecting baby from numerous diseases. Diseases like meningitis, pneumonia and asthma are also reduced if the baby is fed with natural breast milk.
  • The best thing about breast milk is that it changes according to the requirement of the baby in the best suited way.
  • Babies digest mother’s milk quite easily in comparison with formula milk as it includes some enzymes that prove to be helpful in digestion.
  • According to several studies, breast feeding is helpful in the cognitive development of baby. If babies are provided with their mother’s milk their brain develops fast and this makes them smart.

Therefore, it could be said that mother’s milk is the most precious gift received by a baby.

The milk of a mother could never be matched with the formula milk; it is completely pure and is best for the baby. The formula milk could be quite harmful as the chance of ear infection also increases if an infant is fed with it.

Breastfeeding Diet: What To Eat While Breastfeeding?

Motherhood is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. When it’s your second child, you might be aware of what all to expect but when it is going to be your first child, the changes could be overwhelming.

Your body changes when you get pregnant and your habits need to get changed accordingly. The same goes after you give birth. The only thing that should remain constant is realizing the importance of eating a healthy and nutritious diet on your pregnancy days.

While you breastfeed, your child gets the nutrition of the food that you had consumed. So, to make your child healthy, you need to eat healthily and properly. A balanced and healthy pre-planned diet could help you to eat what is healthy and avoid what isn’t healthy.

However, a pre-planned diet doesn’t mean a strict routine that needs to be followed at a particular time of the day. In this context, it means listing the food that is necessary for your body during your breastfeeding phase. Some of the parts of your diet need to keep an eye on while your baby is nourishing.

Best Diet

Tips for a healthy breastfeeding diet:

  • Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal: Fruits and vegetables provide minerals, vitamins, and calcium that are necessary to keep you healthy and for milk production. Green leafy vegetables provide nutrients that simply other food cannot. Eating three servings of fruits and vegetables every day is recommended for the healthy nourishing of your little.
  • Add a whole grain meal to your daily meal: Whole grains such as wheat, brown rice, cereals, are necessary in addition to fruits and vegetables to ensure the proper dosage of carbs in your body.
  • Eat healthy fat and stay hydrated: Do no minimize your water intake at any cost. Plus to maintain a healthy diet, do not cut out healthy fats that include butter, ghee, etc.

What Not To Eat?

After reading about the intake that would be healthy for you and your little one, it is important to know about the products that should be avoided when you are in your breastfeeding phase.

What not to eat while breastfeeding diet includes deep-fried food, outside junks, excessive caffeine or alcohol, smoking, etc. However, these things aren’t strictly prohibited but the quantity of the food should be taken care of.

A Healthy Lifestyle: Myth Or Truth

What does it mean to lead a healthy lifestyle; we have various opinions, if we ask anyone. A doctor would suggest eating healthy, a gym trainer might say a healthy diet combined with exercise, a monk would say letting of worldly pleasures. Often times we tend to think eating healthy, exercising are the most important factors of a healthy lifestyle, but is it…?

Eating healthier and living longer

When we go to a doctor, we are suggested to eat healthy and to maintain hygiene to protect ourselves against diseases and live healthier, but the thing is that there are individuals who eat nothing but healthy, exercise daily, sleep on time, and jog every day and then one fine day even such people get diagnosed with diseases like cancer. So, how do we explain this?

Health Suggestions

What does it mean to be living a healthy lifestyle?

The World health Organization says healthy living is a way of living that helps you enjoy more aspects of your life. Hence, A healthy lifestyle is a way of life where you are:

  • Physically healthier
  • Mentally healthier
  • Happy or satisfied with the flow of your life, with your struggles
  • When in adverse situations you have faith to face challenges
  • You are content being who you are as a person

It’s fairly correct to say that eating healthy and being healthy is not living healthier. To live long and to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle one needs to understand the part and parcel of life. One needs to forgive, to let go, to practice a life one envisions. A healthy lifestyle is a broad concept in itself, a concept one needs to understand to understand one.

The truth behind a healthy lifestyle

Once upon a time I heard this real story about a sexagenarian lady who was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor said she doesn’t have much time left. The peculiar thing is that the lady accepted it with a smile; she continued her daily activities be it looking after her husband, or attending the Sunday mass as if she doesn’t have cancer or anything. Few years later she was still alive, healthier and happier. She said that she accepted whatever god has given her and she would have welcomed death in the same way she has cherished her life. Cancer was miraculously gone.


In today’s time it is very important to live your life in great health. A Healthy lifestyle simply means avoiding or reducing things that can cause harm to your body or mind. Some choices or decisions you must make to keep your health good can be tough, but these decisions will help you in the long run of life. Many things you are doing may be unhealthy and you may be doing  such things not knowing the damage they cause to you.

Keep a check on your weight

Know what your weight is and keep measuring it so that you know how much you have put on and how much you can lose to gain the weight you want.

  • Put a control and restrain yourself from eating food that is unhealthy as much as possible.
  • Eat more healthy food that has more of proteins and fibre.
  • Include taking multivitamin supplements to make sure you get a good enough of nutrients. These will help when you do not have vegetables at home to eat.

Healthy Lifestyle

Always be hydrated staying away from sweetened drinks

Consume more and more water to stay hydrated as this is important for staying healthy and reduce drinking sweetened beverages as they are bad for your health.

  • Drinking alcohol won’t let you get healthy so do not drink too much alcohol and let yourself be sober.

Sleep well and stay active

Your body needs rest and sleeping gives the body the rest that it needs. Healthy people ensure that they sleep for seven to eight hours whenever possible. A well-rested body always functions well when required.

  • Give some time everyday to exercise as exercise helps the body to stay active. Exercise for at least 10-30 mins everyday to keep yourself physically fit.
  • Do not sit for many hours in front of your computer screens and take a walk around to give yourself and your body a break.
  • Handle your emotions well as stress or any other negative emotions may make you do unhealthy things or eat unhealthy food and that can be bad. To avoid such a thing from happening and maintaining healthy lifestyle findingways to manage your emotions is necessary.


Hope to have given you good tips that will help you in becoming healthy. Do share these tips with your friends and family to help them as well.